Biopharmaceutical Potentials in Egypt



The application for the Colloquium
starts on
the 04th of June 2019 and
ends on the 10th of August 2019.

Both, Students from Egypt and Germany  and experts in the desired topics, from Germany and Egypt, can apply.

Note for students: Students from Suez Canal University and the University of Koblenz-Landau are favoured.





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The idea of the colloquium is the systematically analyze of the basics of biopharmalogical potentials and sustainable medicine/pharmaceuticals especially in Egypt. With a holistic approach we want to develop realistic project ideas which can be implement practically in future. There is also build up an own industry based on the results. Therefore, exchange is supported with SME and entrepreneurial activities.



  • Working as part of a pre-feasibility study

  • Exchange and networking of staff and students

  • Preparing scientific publications/ proposals

  • Future project development for concrete practical implementation of proposals/ ideas





Important Dates

Please be aware of the important meetings (Dates could still be changed).

Colloquium- Workshop - first week of October 2019

This first workshop will take place in Egpyt with Egyptain an German students and experts. A part from a impulsory input part, the project/ topic ideas are discussed and further developed.


Study Trip to Germany - end of November/ begin of December 2019

A study trip and workshop will be organised for students/ expert in Germany for students/ Experts from both parnter countries.

Application - until 31th of July 2019

You can apply if you are profesor, PhD or student enrolled at an Egyptain or German university OR you are expert in the field of biopharmacy or any other related field to the colloquium topic.

Kick-Off Meeting (7th of september) in Egypt

During this meeting (each in Egypt and Germany), the main topics for the colloquium will be defined.

The Colloquium takes place in collaboration with: